Baby Hampers

What Should You Include in a Baby Gift Hamper?

Whether you’re ordering a baby gift hamper online for a new born, or if you have a special child of your own that you’d like to treat on their birthday – there’s no better way that doing so with an enjoyable gift that they will love from the moment they open it. One of the greatest things about these types of presents is that they can be personalised from the ground up; including the basket, the decoration and most importantly the goodies inside!

Gifts for BabyPicking the right treats

Your recipient will undoubtedly be an important part of your life, so making sure that they receive treats that will appeal to them should be a top priority. This is where the customisation potential comes in handy. When ordering online, you’ll be presented with a variety of goodies to choose from, so what should you look out for in specific?

Preparing a basket for new born babies

Many people find that treat baskets are a great way to welcome a new born baby and although they may have no idea what is going on – those that care for them will. Young infants won’t be able to eat a lot of different types of foods, so it’s best to opt for gluten-free, soft alternatives like biscuits and fruit treats.

As far as toys go, as long as there are no small parts and they are soft and cuddly – there aren’t many limitations. It’s always best to purchase a basket that is filled with things that can be used instantly, as opposed to those that can only be enjoyed down the line. That doesn’t rule out jewellery and clothing, but it probably is a better idea to go for dummies/ pacifiers, cuddly bears and tasty snacks.

Customising a hamper for babies and toddlers

When a child hits a certain age, the chances are that they will much prefer to play with toys and enjoy the use of their legs. There’s no reason why you couldn’t pack a basket with snacks and treats, but you might find that personalising yours is a little more preferred. You could go for standard items like toys, or you could have a pair of stylish trainers included instead.

The only limit is your imagination, so there’s really no reason why your gift couldn’t ooze personality. Ordering online will make the entire process even easier as you will simply be able to pick and choose what you want your gift to feature, and then have someone else take care of the packing and preparation!