Custom T-Shirt Printing

The Best Methods for Having a Design Printed on to a T-Shirt

Custom Design for T-ShirtsHaving a design printed on to a shirt is something that thousands of people do each year. From branding and marketing, all the way to personal uses – Printlocker t-shirt printing services are often the first port of call for individuals and businesses hoping to have a set of clothing customised to their requirements.

There are plenty of services that can cater to designing and customisation from the ground up, but how can you be sure that your creative vision is followed through, from initial conception to final print?

Prepare your design with printing in mind

Whether you create a design in PDF, PSD, PNG, or even JPEG format – you will have to consider that it will need to be transferred from a digital device (or email file) and then applied to the proportions of a t-shirt. Instead of creating a design and then hoping that the printer can cater to its specifications, it’s worth getting in touch with a service first and requesting information relating to file formats.

Don’t be afraid of modifying your decisions

If you have opted to create a design for printing, you might find that its proportions won’t fit, or that it loses resolution once scaled up. In these instances, you might have to make a few modifications, or at least settle on alternate solutions – such as the clarity of the print, or the colour tone. A good printer will be able to advise you on the best course of action and they might even be able to tell you how to convert your document to ensure that it meets your expectations once printed.

Oversee the process from start to finish

Some printing companies prefer to take projects on and then complete them without moderation from the customer – and these are best avoided in favour of more client-centric services. A reputable printer agency should offer a functional sample, as well as allow input throughout the entire process. As long as the final result is as expected, then the project should be considered a success and you may have found a reliable provider that will be able to cater to your future tasks, too.